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Price request

REQUEST PRICE: In accordance with the requirements of manufacturers, prices for some of the products are not displayed on our website pages.

To find out the price of the products with the mark "Request price":

  • Select the desired product options and click the "Request price" button on the product page.
  • The following message will appear on a green background on the top of screen: “Please see product price in the shopping cart. Product … has been added to your shopping cart.”
  • In the shopping cart you will find the price of the product you are interested in. 

In some cases, after clicking the “Request price” button, a request form will appear. Please fill in the form lines and click the "Submit" button. We may need several days in order to clarify with the manufacturer information about the product price. After that we will send you an email with the price information. Our e-mail with the product price provides an active link "Go to shopping cart", which will automatically redirect you to the website page "Shopping cart". The item you are interested in will be added to the shopping cart.