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About Us

The website is operated by SELECT Baubedarf und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

The Austrian company SELECT Baubedarf und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. has been specializing in supplying products for interior design projects in the residential and corporate sector since 2000. 

Our extensive experience gained from working on complex projects and the results we have achieved gave our company the strong impetus for active development.

Knowledge of global trends in design, perfectionism at work and the fruitful cooperation with architects and designers in different countries help us to continuously improve our work.

Having worked on the completion of many design projects in various countries, we know that it is not easy to find products satisfying the needs of sophisticated customers, which is why we decided to launch our first website offering high quality goods for interior projects back in 2005.

Our know-how and experience over the past years have helped us to create a website which would be both convenient and pleasant to use for private customers and professionals in the interior design sector alike.

Today, our new website presents an assortment of the best products, selected with great care and professionalism in the field of interior design. Our selection is determined by time-tested quality and the unique style represented by manufacturers. 

For more than 19 years we have been delivering our goods to more than 100 countries of our planet. Exclusively original productions, renowned brands and a thorough follow-up process from order to delivery, allow us to guarantee our commitments to quality and order terms.

We are proud to present photos of the numerous projects in different countries we have successfully completed over the years. Many products are marked by a circle, clicking on which you can view information about the product and be redirected to the site on which the product is presented as well as the website of its manufacturer. In order to view the photos of our projects, go to „Our references“. 

The highest product quality and flawless service level have been our priorities since 2000. We hold our customers in high regard and are grateful for their loyalty and trust in our service.

SELECT Baubedarf und Handelsges.m.b.H.

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